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Global Disclosure

CDP: Driving Environmental Accountability and Sustainability Through Global Disclosure

CDP, a not-for-profit charity, serves as the steward of the global disclosure system, engaging investors, companies, cities, states, and regions in managing their environmental impacts. The data gathered by CDP empowers decision-makers to mitigate risks and steer toward a sustainable future.

Value Chain Insights

CDP's data collection extends across both upstream and downstream value chains. The upstream chain encompasses internal and external operations, while the downstream chain includes product logistics and post-consumer waste.

Key Actions for Environmental Leadership

1. Environmental Assessment Checklist

Action leaders can create a comprehensive assessment checklist that factors in product design, sustainable materials, distribution efficiency, and labeling.

2. Scoring & Quality Assurance

CDP employs accredited scoring partners trained by the organization itself. CDP's internal scoring team manages the coordination, compilation, data quality checks, and quality assurance processes to ensure alignment in scoring standards across samples and scoring partners.

August 9, 2021

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